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I started working on a port of jMax to the win32 platform using the CygWin environment. On this page you can find the status of this work in progress. I continue on this project in my spare time, so progress may be slow.


- I've been pretty busy with my work so I haven't spent much attention to jMax lately. I've installed the new CygWin environment (version 1.1.x). jMax now compiles with gcc 2.95.2.

- The new compiler seems much stricter on the linking against imported variables. Removed a lot of dll import/export errors.

- All of jMax compiles in one smooth run.

- I'm using John Fortin's headers for DirectX and CygWin (I had to make some changes to the headers, though).

- The windev package gets loaded alright.

- FTS crashes on a divide by zero in hash.c. To be continued.


- The beginning of a driver for windows (in the windev package).


- Adapted FTS to use platform independent file paths.

- I managed to boot jMax and fts!

- The package reftype, system et guiobj are loaded.

- I could create and move a slider! (Do we need more?)

- Patch loading still crashes badly.


- Changed the module loading scheme. In startup.c, the module init function is called directly. The module init function installs the module structure as before.

- Fts is compiled into a DLL.

- Added pre-processor directives to import/export DLL variables.

- Files are now always opened as binary. Otherwise file reads send a premature EOF.


- Modified fts Makefiles and headers for win32. Added the non-portable directory for win32.

- fts compiles!

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